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What does the KV rating on a Brushless DC motor mean🤔?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

So what does KV stands for? 

Is it kilo volt?


KV Stands For RPM per volt .

Basically it tells you the RPM of a brushless dc motor..

Just multiply the voltage of the battery to the KV rating on the motor, It gives the no load rpm of the motor.

For example, lets consider this motor which is rated as 980KV.

Well I'm using  a 3 cell Lithium Polymer battery. At safe full charge the battery goes up-to 12.6V. Let me take the battery Voltage to be 12V on an average run and thus multiplying by the KV i.e. 980 will give us the RPM of the motor at no load, which is about 11760RPM.

  • Its as simple as that...... the rpm reduces with application of load where as in this case the is the propeller.

  • So higher the KV more RPM the motor can deliver and thus spin up smaller propeller and lower the KV lesser the RPM spinning a bigger propeller.

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