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Safety of Lithium Polymer Batteries!!!😮

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Always keep a battery voltage checker

Lipo voltage checker to save the battery from permanent damage
  • Never overcharge the battery

Charge the battery to 4.2 volts at max and if the voltage exceeds the battery might catch fire or can cause permanent damage.

  • Never over discharge the battery

Do not discharge the battery below 3.7 volts per cell, if u do so you are killing the battery permanently.

  • Always charge LiPo Battery Packs with a specified Balance Charger

Each battery in a LiPo battery pack should have same voltage. Even if one battery in a pack has less voltage, then the battery with less voltage drains quicker than the one with higher voltages. Thus over discharging one cell.

  • Never poke a battery with any sharp objects

  • Do not store in high temperature or expose direct to sunlight

  • When soldering the battery terminals make sure it’s not fully charged

  • Do not short circuit the battery terminals

  • Always read the instructions given by the manufacturer carefully before using the battery


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